The  Cost of Joining The Club

Compared to many other sports the cost of joining an archery club are relatively modest.

All archery clubs require their members to be members of Archery GB (or another World Archery affiliated national governing body). Most people pay their Archery GB membership through the club. For seniors this is currently £56 a year and is £15.75 for archers under 25 and archers with disabilities. The fee also covers membership of the regional and county archery societies. Payment is due to the club by 1st September each year in order that this can be passed on to Archery GB by the start of the membership year in October.

If you do not pay Archery GB through us, you will be asked to provide proof of membership elsewhere. In this case you will be an associate member of the club.

Club membership is £40 for all seniors and £20 for juniors. This is payable by 1st April each year.

In your first year you will pay a proportion of both Club and Archery GB membership, depending upon when you join, as shown in the table below:-


Club & Archery GB Fees 2019 - 2020
  Senior Disabled Under 25 * Junior ** 
October - December        
Club Fee £20.00 £20.00 £20.00 £10.00
Archery GB £57.00 £15.75 £15.75 £15.75
Combined £77.00 £35.75 £35.75 £25.75
January - March        
Club Fee £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £5.00
Archery GB £57.00 £15.75 £15.75 £15.75
Combined £67.00 £25.75 £25.75 £20.75
April - June        
Club Fee £40.00 £40.00 £40.00 £20.00
Archery GB £33.00 £9.75 £9.75 £9.75
Combined £73.00 £49.75 £49.75 £29.75
July - September        
Club Fee £30.00 £30.00 £30.00 £15.00
Archery GB £33.00 £9.75 £9.75 £9.75
Combined £63.00 £39.75 £39.75 £24.75
* Under 25 at 1st October 2019 for renewal or date of joining for new members.  
** Under 18 at 1st October 2019 for Archery GB renewal, 1st April 2019 for club fee renewal or date of joining for new members.


As well as the cost of Club and Archery GB membership, there are also shooting fees to pay. Outdoors these are £1 for seniors and 50p for juniors, although there is a prepayment option if you are likely to shoot frequently. Indoors, seniors pay £3 per session and juniors £1.

How to Apply

We welcome membership applications from people of all ages and abilities both from Rutland and the surrounding counties.

If you have completed a beginners course with us you can apply for membership at the end of the course.

If you would like to join us from another club you can complete a Membership Application Form and return it to the Club Secretary. If we do not already know you, we may ask a member of the committee or a coach to watch you shoot to ensure that you are can shoot safely with us.

The Club Secretary will present your application for membership to the Committee and you will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible.