This stands for the Bowmen of Rutland Development Squad.

The BORDS Coaching Programme for club members was set up in 2006 to help improve archery within the club.

 The aims of the programme are:-

  • To help club members shoot to their optimum ability.
  • To build a team spirit within the club.
  • To have structured coaching sessions at regular intervals.
  • To become the best archers within the county and region.

This group meets a number of times during the year and the dates are published on the club's calendar.

The goals of the coaching team are:-

  • To offer technical analysis of shooting and equipment.
  • To help with goal setting.
  • To carry out video analysis when needed.
  • To offer 1 to1 coaching as necessary.

Bowmen of Rutland archers of all abilities are most welcome to attend the sessions. All members of the club are welcome.

New members who have just joined the club are very welcome.

Progress Awards

When shooting a round the score achieved can be converted to a handicap, starting at 100 and progressing to 0. This allows you to compare how well you are shooting across different rounds. It also allows archers of different abilities to compete more directly against each other in a handicap adjusted competition. As your handicap decreases you will achieve a classification. These run from Third Class through to Grand Master Bowman. Details of the scores required to achieve a classification are on the Archery GB website. This information can also be found in some archery scoring programs that can be used on a mobile phone.

There are a number of different awards and badges that can be collected as you progress. These are explained in the Archery GB Beginners Award Schemes, covering a number of different awards from both Archery GB and World Archery. These awards can be achieved in competitions or through development programmes such as BORDS.

Leicestershire & Rutland also run award schemes such as Fox Awards and their website also has details of a number of other awards.