This was all new to the Bowmen of Rutland, we had never entered this before and during the winter season a possible team was found and it all seemed such a good idea.

On the 30th April four brave souls left the safety of Rutland after breakfasting in the County Town and went to find Soar Valley Archers ground to take them on in the first round of the competition.

What we didn't expect was the wind. Even our top compounder was putting in some threes. The other compounder who was only supposed to be doing the admin and organising but was somehow persuaded to shoot as the team needed a lady missed twice in practice and one arrow didn’t return to the safety of Rutland. After a very challenging afternoon for all who shot. Rutland scored 11 points and Soar Valley scored 10 points. Soar Valley were excellent hosts and made the Bowmen of Rutland team feel very welcome.

Well done to the Bowmen of Rutland team Peter, Oliver, Keith and Chrissie.