WA Combined / WA 18

This is a World Record Status indoor competition which the club holds each year at Casterton College Rutland, usually in late February or early March. The first shoot was held in 2001 to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary and was a Combined FITA round 5 dozen arrows @ 25 metres on a 60cm face and 5 dozen arrows @ 18 metres on a 40 cm face with 10 zone scoring. This round was renamed to being a WA Combined when FITA rebranded themselves as World Archery. For 2018 the club have decided to change the round to a WA 18 which will enable the competition to be completed within one day rather than two.

Clout Shoot

This is World Record Status metric clout shoot which the club holds each year on the sports field at Casterton College Rutland, with distances of up to 185 metres for compound archers. It is held on the Sunday immediately after the National Clout Championships in Yorkshire, which enables competitors returning to the south to join us.

British Archer Portsmouth League

The British Archer Portsmouth League is a postal league held during the winter season.

Once a month on a Friday evening we shoot it at Casterton College Rutland. The round is a Portsmouth round which is  5 dozen arrows @ 20 yards on a 60 cm face.

We enter 4 recurve teams and 2 compound teams, each team has three members and each month it is the highest scoring archers who make the teams, so the team members can vary each month.

Each session starts at 19.00 and sighters are held as soon as we are set up. All club members are welcome to take part., For newer members it provides the opportunity to shoot in a slightly more formal setting than a club night and to take part in scoring, which is a good experience in preparation for taking part in their first competition.

The British Archer Frostbite League

The British Archer Frostbite League is a postal league held during the winter season outdoors.

Once a month on a Sunday morning we shoot the frostbite round outdoors at our Greetham Valley ground, the shoot goes ahead whatever the weather provided it is safe to travel. The round is 3 dozen arrows @ 30 metres on a 80 cm face.

We enter 3 recurve teams and 1 compound team, each team has three members and each month it is the highest scoring archers who make the teams, so the team members can vary each month.

Sighters are at 10.30. All club members are welcome to take part and for newer and junior members we can put a boss at a shorter distance.

It has become traditional that after the final round in March we celebrate the completion of another Frostbite League by enjoying lunch at the Golf Club with family and friends.

Selby Summer League

The Selby Summer League is a postal league held during the summer season outdoors. We usually enter 2 recurve teams of 3 archers, 2 compund teams of 2 archers and 1 longbow team of 2 archers.

Once a month on a Thursday evening we shoot this competition at our Greetham Valley ground. The recurve and compound archers shoot a Short Metric round of 3 dozen arrows @ 50 metres and 3 dozen arrows @ 30 metres on a 80 cm face. The longbow team shoot a National round of 4 dozen arrows @ 60 yards and 2 dozen arrows @ 50 yards on a 122cm face.

Leicestershire & Rutland 300

The Leicester and Rutland 300 round (L&R300) was invented a few years ago by the Leicestershire and Rutland JeDiS squad, a squad of junior archers from the across the county who were either shooting for their county, region or country or were showing promise and expected to shoot in the county squad in the future. It is now shot by both junior and senior archers and there is a league table of results on the L&RCAA website.

The round is three dozen arrows shot in ends of four arrows @ 20 yards.

The three main indoor faces are all used within the round, the 60cm Portsmouth face, the 40cm WA 18m face and the black and white Worcester face. One dozen arrows are shot at each face.

There are Bowmen of Rutland certificates for those archers who reach scores of 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 285 or 290. The maximum score is 300 hence the round’s name.

Bunbury Shoot (Silver Leprechaun)

The club have participated for many years in this annual international postal shoot organised by the Bunbury Archery Club in Western Australia. Usually the shoot is held in July.

The round is a WA 900 (also known as a Canberra to the Australians.) This consists of 30 arrows @ 60 metres, 30 arrows @ 50 metres and 30 arrows @ 40 metres on a 122cm target with 10 zone scoring. After lunch you get to do it all over again! A double Canberra. Although it is a bit of a marathon with 180 arrows shot in one day, it is also a good social day for club members. 

The name Silver Leprechaun was devised as, according to Irish legend, the leprechaun is always searching for gold - rather apt! 

Over the years a number of members of the club have been fortunate enough to win  the coveted Silver Leprechaun badge.  Silver Leprechaun

Fosse Company of Archers Match

Also known as the Melton Match, this inter-club match is against the Fosse Company of Archers (previously Melton Mowbray Archery Club) and is the first part of the Bunbury Shoot. It began in 2007 when Melton expressed a wish to foster inter-club relations within the county (Leicestershire & Rutland) and we invited them to shoot the Bunbury with us at Greetham Valley.There is a silver salver presented to the winning club and many stay on to complete the full Bunbury Shoot. 

Birstall Match (May Day Shoot)

We hold an annual inter-club competition with the Bowmen of Birstall. This event has been running since 1976 and takes place on the May Bank Holiday to celebrate when the UK was first given this extra bank holiday. The round is a National Round with 4 dozen arrows @ 60 yards and 2 dozen arrows @ 50 yards on a 122cm target with 5 zone scoring. Shorter distances are available for junior members.

The venue alternates each year with the host club providing tea after the shoot. There are senior and junior team trophies and the Birstall Saver (which was presented to the club on its 25th anniversary) is presented to the highest scoring Bowmen of Rutland archer.

Summer Challenge

The purpose of the Summer Challenge is to give archers something to aim towards during the summer and to introduce newer members of the club to a variety of outdoor rounds and distances.

Each month from May to September there is a specific group of rounds that can be shot as often as you like and the best score will be used to determine your points for the month.

May - Warwicks
June - St George, Albion & Windsors
July - WA 1440 & Metrics
August - York, Hereford & Westerns
September - Nationals


Points are awarded on a handicap adjusted basis with 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place etc. for all archers who shot.

At the end of the summer, the winner will be the archer with the lowest number of points and who has shot at least 3 of the 5 available rounds. There are prizes for the winning senior and junior archers. 

Summer Omnium

 The Summer Omnium was introduced in 2014. Like the omnium in cycling it consists of 6 events and for us there are 3 imperial and 3 metric rounds.

The imperial rounds are:- National, St George/Albion and Western

The metric rounds are:- Short Metric, Long Metric and Ladies/Gents WA 1440.

These rounds can be shot as often as you wish between Easter and the end of September. They can be shot either at Greetham Valley or at a competition, but the round must be  the correct one for your age and gender.

The competition is not handicap adjusted although scores for compound, longbow and barebow archers will be adjusted to create a level playing field.

President's Medal 

In 2011 the club was successful in obtaining a President's Medal. This is one of only 100 that were made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Grand National Archery Society (now Archery GB.) It was decided that this would be presented to the archer who came first in a new competition. This competition would consist of a 12 dozen World Archery metric round followed by a 12 dozen Archery GB imperial round shot on two separate days. 

The first part of this competition is normally held on a Saturday in mid-July with the second part being held on another Saturday afternoon in early August. The second shoot is usually followed by either a barbecue or a meal at the Golf Club.

The scores are handicap adjusted, which gives all members an equal chance of winning, even if they are shooting a shorter distance, provided they are shooting the correct round for their age and gender. The winner is announced at the Outdoor Club Championships in September. There are also trophies for the highest scoring recurve and compound archers.

The Wand Shoot

This shoot was introduced to the club's calendar in October 2015 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt where longbow archers played a major part in this famous victory.

Shooting at the wand was a way of training longbow archers to shoot in a straight line and involves shooting at a stick placed upright in the ground at a range of distances.

This round is shot either with a lonbow or bare bow and cannot be shot using a compound bow.