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The Bunbury 2015

A great day was enjoyed by both Bowmen of Rutland archers and Melton Mowbray archers as we shot the marathon shout known as the Bunbury. After 15 dozen arrows we all enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

The Bunbury also includes our annual match against Melton Mowbray Archers. 

The results can be found here.


President's Medal Match


The first match in this annual competition will be on Saturday 18th July, this will be the WA 1440 and Metric rounds. Sighters will be at 10.00. The second match will be on Saturday 15th August when we will shoot the York, Hereford or Bristol rounds. All members are welcome to take part with newer archers shooting shorter distances or just part of the day rather than the full 12 dozen rounds.


Summer Challenge 2015.


Last year we ran a very succesful summer challegne for the club. Due to popular demand we will be running it again this year. To remind you this invovles shooting a different round each month and submitting your scores via the online entry system or hand them to the club secretary.

For further details look here




Summer Omnium.

The Bowmen of Rutland will again be inviting you to take up the utlimate archery challenge, the Summer Omnium.

Further details are available here


Hot Cross Bun Shoot.

This will be held on Good Friday at our Greetham ground, all members are welcome to come along and take part in this fun shoot. Sighters are at 14.00, the round will be a National but shorter distances will be available for Juniors and newer members.

An entry form for this shoot is available from the calendar 

Indoor Club Championships 2015

This will be held on Saturday 28th March at CBEC, sighters will be at 14.00. The round will be a Portsmouth. After the shoot there will be a buffet tea. All members welcome. 

An entry form for this shoot is available from the calendar 

Combined WA Tournament

The Bowmen of Rutland are pleased to announce that they will be holding their 14th Combined World Archery Tournament with World Record Status for WA 25m & WA 18m Rounds plus National Record Status for WA 25m, WA 18m & Combined WA Rounds

This will be on Sat 7th and Sun 8th February 2015 at Casterton Business & Enterprise College, Great Casterton, Nr Stamford, Lincs

Results are located here

L&R 300 Nights

The Leicester and Rutland 300 round was invented a few years ago by the Leicestershire and Rutland JeDiS squad, a squad of junior archers from the across the county who were either shooting for their county, region or country or were showing promise and expected to shoot in the county squad in the future.

The round is three dozen arrows shot in ends of four arrows over a distance of 20 yards.

The three main indoor faces are all used within the round, the 60cm Portsmouth face, the 40cm WA 18m face and the black and white Worcester face. One dozen arrows are shot at each face.

Like last year, one night per month all archers will shoot the L&R300 round, the committee hopes that this will help to develop a club spirit by encouraging the more experienced archers to shoot on bosses with newer archers rather than one end of the hall being fall of newer members and the far end being the domain of the experienced longer standing members of the club.

The first L&R300 night will be on Monday 13th October, with the second night on Monday 17th November.

For the first time the County L&R300 Leagues will be open to Senior archers as well as Juniors archers. Archers who shoot will have their scores entered into the County L&R300 league.

There will be Bowmen of Rutland certificates for those archers who reach scores of 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 285 or 290. The maximum score is 300 hence the round’s name.

Will anyone get the maximum score this year?

Bunbury Shoot

Summer Challenge





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