Archery Beginners Courses

The Bowmen of Rutland regularly hold Beginners Courses, our next course will be an indoor course, this will run for six evenings. The first evening will be the 15th January. It will run for the next six weeks, please note there will no session on the 12th February due to schools half term holiday. This course will be at Casterton College Rutland, Great Casterton.

Please note that to complete the course you must attend all six sessions. Each session starts at 19.30 and finishes at 21.00.

Our next outdoor course will be in April 2018 at our Greetham Valley Golf Club ground . This course will comprise two Saturday mornings, please note that to complete the course you must attend both sessions. The dates for the outdoor course are the 14th April and the 21st April. 

The outdoor course comprises two sessions 10.00 - 16.00.

Please note that to complete the course you must attend both sessions.

The Cost? – £55.00 adult and £30.00 children (Under 18).

What to wear? – loose, baggy clothing is NOT suitable as it will impair your shooting. Long hair should be tied back for safety reasons. Shoes should be flat and suitable for a sports hall.

Photography? – we are very sorry but no unauthorised photography will be allowed because of current legislation. Please have a word with us if you are concerned about this.

We assure you of a very warm welcome and hope that you will enjoy the archery course.

The Bowmen of Rutland do run further Beginners Courses during the year.



The course will consist of 2 sessions, each of approximately 6 hours duration.

All equipment will be provided, free of additional charge for the duration of the course.

You are advised to wear close fitting clothing during the lessons; this helps to prevent your clothing interfering with the path of the bowstring. The course will take place whatever the weather so if necessary please bring warm, waterproof clothing that you can put on between shooting.

At the end of the course you will:

  1. Know and understand the Safety rules and Etiquette of the sport

  2. Be familiar with the basic equipment used in Target Archery

  3. Have an understanding of the Organisation of Archery within the United Kingdom and the World

  4. Know and understand the scoring systems used in Target Archery

  5. Know and understand the basic shooting rules of Target Archery

  6. Know and understand the principles of rounds, which are shot in Target Archery

  7. Have received information on other forms of Archery

  8. Have knowledge of, and have received advice on the selection of your personal equipment

  9. Be able to consistently hit a 60 cm. target, at a distance of 12 metres

  10. Have received a certificate confirming that you have completed a beginner’s course in Target Archery

Please note that juniors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult.

Note: Should you wish to purchase your own equipment, you are advised not to do so until the end of the course. During the course your coach will be able to assess your individual needs and will be able to advise on the bow type and arrow specification best suited to those needs. If you already have your own equipment please have it checked by your coach to ensure its safety and suitability.


As above except for

The course will consist of 6 lessons, each of approximately 1 1/2 hours duration.

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